Abriel Kloster

Abriel was settled by the devastated peoples who survived Lothrim the foulspawner’s reign of terror.

Abriel grew from the ruins with the small kingdom of Nurelia into a large settlement. Sanric II a devout Laranian granted the lands to the Laranian Church in 170 and commissioned the construction of the abbey.

The prosperous years preceding the migration wars resulted in a considerable investment of wealth in the grounds. King Brant shared his father’s love of the religion and continued substantial grants to the church, commission-ing many of the theological art-works at the abbey, in-cluding the signature work Our Lady of Reluctance.

The village was eastward enough to avoid much of the migration wars, but was sacked by the Western Taelda in 235.

The abbey miraculously withstood the battle, but Lotin the Gray was killed in a retaliatory assault on the barbarian hordes.

It is commonly rumored that Prince Brant of Nurelia was cloistered in seclusion at Abriel by Kalabin of Kaldor shortly after Nurelia’s Barons gave the throne to Kaldor’s King. Few outside of Abriel believe this, as the story of the unfortunate prince’s death at Olokand is more ro-mantic.

When Kalabin took the throne, the Archbishop of Nurelia became the Bishop of Nurez. Abriel has contin-ued as an important theological center for the church in Kaldor.

Abriel Kloster

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